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Our equipment can be designed and manufactured to lift anything from an egg to a 20 tonne piece of steel, and everything in between using various sizes and shapes of suction pad. This enables our customers to automate difficult lifting jobs whilst also making the workplace safer and more efficient.

One of the industries in which vacuum lifting is particularly beneficial is Steel processing, where the product is not only heavy but often does not lend itself to the traditional method of chains and plate grabs.

One of our biggest customers Tata Steel Ltd have in their processing plants machines capable of lifting steel plates 18m x 4m and weighing over 20,000kg. In using our equipment a lift of this magnitude can be carried out by a single operator.

Considerable R & D investment also means our consumables are better engineered than many other components and our non-vulcanised rubber seals means a more environmentally friendly disposal at the end of their working life.